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I call myself a gay, polyamorous, transpecies, furry artist and cuddleslut. I have had many love interests. Most were online, a few really special ones were offline, and of course I have had several boyfriends ^_^ (all of whom knew full well about my polyamory before the relationship). To the right is a picture of me from the summer of 2006. It was taken in downtown Boulder right next to Boulder Creek under Broadway by photographer and friend Jim Blanchard. I've loved living in Boulder. It's a beautiful city with interesting people.

My interests iclude:
  • Drawing
  • Chatting online
  • RolePlaying, either in a tabletop rpg, or in a chatroom/IMconversation
  • Designing game levels
  • Playing puzzle games (Like MYST)
  • And of course, hanging out with friends and eating fast food

Well, what can I say? I am an artist. I draw myself as a fox. This fox has three forms. To the left, is the first: Vulpine Artist. This is just me in every aspect only vulpine. The other two are Vulpine Pilot and Vulpine Warrior; read about them in their respective sections. I first started drawing myself as an anthropomorphice fox in 2000, as an 8th grade student in middle school. Since then, my artistic skill has increased a great deal, and I've shared my art with others (see Professional section for links). 

I have taken one year of Multimedia at Boulder TEC, and I have graduated High School from Chinook Alternatives, a program at Arapahoe Ridge High School. It was a school based on individualized learning and self motivation. As of 2009, I have taken a couple college courses, but have no intention of continuing higher education. I have a job in my desired field (video game development), and intend to keep it.

Image in taken by and Jim Blanchard ( )

Some comics about me (In my Vulpine form):
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If you are more curious about me, you can check my LiveJournal.
or you can contact me at VulpinePilot @
or message me on any of these chatting services:

  • YahooIM: VulpinePilot
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