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I graduated in the beginning of 2005 from Arapahoe Ridge High School in Boulder Colorado. I also took a year long course in Multimedia at Boulder Technical Education Center (which shares a campus with Arapahoe Ridge). I took an introduction to creative writing class in college, and several art courses at Fairview High School, before I transferred to Arapahoe Ridge. Other that these courses, I am a self taught artist whose skill stems from experience.

As of 2009 I am currently employed at Team Phobic where I help create the artwork for iPhone and iPod Touch video games. Please see my resume if you are interested in my prevued employment history.

My Galleries:
VCL Gallery - contains majority of my older artwork but is no longer updated.
Deviant Art Gallery - contains both old artwork and new and is updated rarely with only my favorite artwork of mine.
Sheezy Art Gallery - contains some of my artwork, but is no longer updated.
FurAffinity Gallery - contains some of my newer art as well as all my stories, and is updated regularly.

Resume (as of November 2009)