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Vulpine Warrior is one of three personas I draw myself as (Artist, Pilot, Warrior). He lives in a fantasy realm I have created to house not only him, but all of my other fantasy characters as well as a DnD campaign. VulpineWarrior has a backstory as well as several comics, and a few other stories starring him.
Vulpine Warrior has gone through much evolution since I first drew him. When I first drew out "Vulpine Warrior," he was inspired by my friend Aaron Shaw and his ability to make chain mail. Vulpine Warrior was simply me as a fox in chain mail. He has since come to symbolize many of the qualities that I myself have or things that have happened to me. In addition, the style in which I draw him has evolved. I have drawn various versions of him. His hair has changed length depending on my own hair, and his outfit has changed depending on other fantasy characters I was into at the time.

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Vulpine Warrior version 1:
When I was in 6th grade, I created 5 personas or versions of myself. One of them was "Warrior." Warrior wielded a stave. I have adopted this character into the character of Vulpine Warrior's backstory. As a child, Andrés wields a stave, and he does not obtain his bastard sword until much later. The original five personas were Ruler (Tyrant), Warrior, Mage, Youth (Paige), and Scribe(Scribe wielding a stave, and a character sheet). (All five)

Vulpine Warrior version 2:
The second version of Warrior was actually the first I ever drew of Vulpine Warrior. The first picture I ever drew of Vulpine Warrior was little more than just a fox version of me (and a wolf version of Aaron) wearing chain mail. As I developed the character, I further fleshed him out (An early colored pencil drawing, and Andrés showing off his bastard sword).

Vulpine Warrior version 3:
The third version of Vulpine Warrior was inspired by the release of Dungeons and Dragons 3rd edition. This new style of vulpine warrior wore leather armor in the same style as that displayed in the Players Guide. This version also donned an adventurer's pack full of useful gear (which later became a much smaller and more hidden pack).

Vulpine Warrior version 4:
The inspiration for the next evolution of the character design came from the game Super Smash Brothers Melee. The outfit and fighting style of Andrés came to mimic that of the character Marth from the game. (Vulpine Warrior in a dramatic pose, more dramatic poses, kneeling and looking determined, looking into the wind.)

Vulpine Warrior version 5:
This version took its inspiration from Aragorn's costume from Peter Jackson's Fellowship of the Ring. The character of Vulpine Warrior is, like Aragorn, a ranger. Like the Dunedain king, Andrés often wanders off the beaten path and through the wilderness. (foot resting on rock with determined look in eye, smoking a long stemmed tobacco pipe, more smoking

Vulpine Warrior version 6:
This is more or less the current version of Vulpine Warrior as of 2009. I have been using it for a few years and do not plan on changing the character much again. This version wears hidden oak armor underneath his tunic. He has a small pack with a short-bow which hangs on his belt like a fanny pack underneath his cloak. His hair is long and straight from a continues use of Healing Potions to cure battle wounds. He has several scars from wounds that the potions never healed completely, or healed without use of a potion. (With shirt tucked in and no cloak, an early character sheet, in full garb including stave and cloak, swinging a sword that was drawn way too large, on the edge of a cliff surveying the land, full portrait)

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(For more artwork of Vulpine Warrior, you may visit my galleries from the Professional section, or contact me by email and request some more.)