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Vulpine Pilot: The Search for a Plot is the name of a comic strip of mine. When I firs drew it, I did not immediately call it "Vulpine Pilot." Unlike my Vulpine Warrior shorts, Vulpine Pilot has always been a comedic comic. The first issue of the strip (2 pages and a title page per issue) had several titles crossed out (as a joke) before it settled on "The Chronicles of: ?" One of the crossed out titles was "Andrés, Foxen Pilot." well, since then, I found that "foxen" isn't a word, but there IS a word that means the same thing: "Vulpine." Unfortunately, I lost all the originals of The Chronicles of ? without having scanned them. I did start a remake before I lost them, but I only finished the first page, which does not even introduce any characers.

Andrés is the Pilot of a science vessel. Most the inspiration for this idea came from Star Trek Voyager. Andrés (like me) chats online constantly, and is addicted to any solitaire game out there. He plays them on his wrist computer, located on his left forearm. In front of his left eye is a scouter (much like the ones in DBZ, only it measures much more than "power level"). He can use this scouter to locate life forms, navigate buildings (such as malls), and all kinds of other useful things. The Scouter is a removable lens in front of his left eye that is connected directly with the neurons in the spine, and is inserted directly into the skull.

The home planet of Andrés, an anthropomorphic fox, and others of similar anthropomorphic canine species (dubbed Incisretwars in this world), is a very urbanized planet called Prionace Glauca (props if you know where I got the name). Most of the inspiration for the planet came from Couruscant from Star Wars. only the planet is smaller, with a higher density, and it has something Couruscant does't: an ocean. Prionace Glauca's ocean wraps around its equator, with the cities of the planet separated into two massive continent sized cities. the only real large building in this ocean is near the equator, and is the Universal Science Center (USC), a very tall and huge tower protruding from the water. From there, Science Vessels fly all over the galaxy to document new discoveries, observe life on planets as it evolves, and learn more about anything and everything the galaxy can teach. I set this galaxy as the setting for ALL of my science fiction stories (most being from before I started drawing).

Prionace Glauce is not only home to Incisretwars, but also to telepathic and incredibly intelligent Sharks. The ocean of Prionace Galuca was irreversibly polluted during its industrial age (the air was eventually cleaned), but these vastly intelligent sharks managed to use a vulpine scientist to escape the doomed ocean before it became uninhabitable. They now utilize hovering pads on their fins and body to levitate through the air, and a filter set on their forehead to supply continually oxygenated water to their gills as well as formulate their brainwaves into vocal words, so as to communicate to the less telepathicly inclined Incisretwar mind. Because of these Sharks' intellingence, they are able to memorize coordinates all over the galaxy and were thus employed by starship manufacturers as pilots. They became known henceforth as PilotSharks. But some companies, including the USC, still hire incistretwar pilots. Vulpine Pilot, is one of them, the vessel he pilots is Science Vessel A-421.

Andrés is only one member of the crew of Science Vessel A-421. The first character introduced in The Chronicles of ? (and subsequently in every other Vulpine Pilot strip ever begun) is the captain: Samson. Based loosely on an old friend of mine named Sam, Samson is incredibly egotistical and proud of his rank of captain. In The Chronicles of ?, Samson and Andrés encounter "The Crew" in issue 3 or 4. In that they are unnamed Incisretwars who were forgotten to have crewed the vessel. In future Vulpine Pilot comics, they were grounded into three nameless characters. A Dingo (being very muscular), a Coyote (being rather naive and shrimpy), and a Black Lab (who wears glasses and spends all his time in an actual lab and wears a lab coat). In all those 5 characters are the main cast of Vulpine Pilot. However, when my friend Brian created a fursona, that fursona became a roommate of Andrés in an apartment he lives on during his stays back home on Prionace Glauca.

Also introduced into my world was the idea of a hoverbike. Andrés subsequently ended up owning one, and having it as his primary transportation while on Prionace Glauca. They are basically the aerial equivalent of motorcycles. But since they ARE aerial, they require a special suit to ride, this being a Chute Suit. It has armor so if one DID crash in it, the suit would protect their body from the bone shattering speeds that hoverbikes usually travel at. If it sensed a sudden decline in altitude, the Chute Suit would automatically deploy a parachute. Alternatively, one could activate the parachute using a cord on the belt, or in an emergency there is another cord on the parachute itself.

VP listening to music on his hoverbike
VP and Science vessel (Image above)
VP on hoverbike
Redesign of Chute Suit
VP on hoverbike in new ChuteSuit

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